Quicken Transactions

How to Move Your Quicken Transactions

As we all know that nowadays transactions are turning into more complexity to keep a track of in the present day. Quicken seems to be one such program that work as a result of this issue. With the help of its functions of tracing and balancing the expenditure of daily basis, and the activity of accounting responsibilities has never been this easy before. In this blog, we have discussed how to move your Quicken Transaction

If you are also utilizing Quicken Software, you might experience some problems during transferring transactions from one account to another. You can also take expert assistance by dialing 1-844-291-4361 Quicken Customer Support Number and get your issue fixed immediately.

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Methods To Move Your Quicken Transactions

There are some quick and easy steps to  move your Quicken Transactions are as follows.

Method 1:

Choose the Option of Transactions To Move:

There are two alternate methods of choosing your Quicken transaction to move from one to another account.

  • Firstly you can also select a single transaction in Quicken: You will require to tap on the transaction once.
  • Secondly, you can select a number of transactions: In this step, you will have to tap on the first transaction you desire to transfer. After that, you will require to press down the Ctrl key and tap on the transactions left simultaneously. After that release the key of Ctrl if you are doing with taking out the transactions.
  • You will surely come to know if a transaction has chosen due to it will be selected correctly after you choose it.
  • You have to create a self that you can’t move your Quicken transactions in an account of investment. This is due to it don’t possess a register similar to all the other accounts of Quicken do. Transferring a number of transactions at once is only helped from the Quicken version of 2005. This advanced feature is not accessible in versions that check out before the last version.
  • Offer Quicken with a Control to Move transaction.
  • Firstly, you will require to right-tap on one of the transactions that you want to move to Quicken.
  • Alternate, you can also tap on the option of Edit which is present after the field of Memo and after that press Enter.
  • After that, you will also require to tap on the option of Move Transactions.

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Method 2:

Choose the account :

  • Firstly, the Move to Account choose tool will display in Quicken.
  • After that to start with, you will require to open a list of your accounts by tapping on arrow down.
  • Then, this is situated to the correct of the bix that is labeled with the name of account.
  • After that, you must tap on the account of Quicken that you want to move transaction to from the list of drop down.
  • When you have number of accounts, then you will require to utilize the collection of arrows present on keyboard to take out the account.
  • Otherwise, you can also utilize your mouse with the slider bar available to  right of the box that consists the name of account.
  • At last, you will have to tap on OK to select the Quicken account that you want to move your transaction to.


Hopefully, you like this blog as we have discussed steps to move your Quicken Transaction. You can also make call to take expert assistance by dialing 1-844-2914361 Quicken Technical Support Number for Quicken Technical Support and get your issues resolved instantly.